Just finished a really great chassis build. Tamiya is still making a TA-02S chassis which is part of a family of various kits that sold around the world since 1973.
Trucks, touring cars, rally cars and special editions all share this chassis and drivetrain layout.
Since this is my first short wheelbase model I haven’t updated any of the suspension or other parts just to see the difference between variations on this theme.
This chassis is the fifth that I own of the TA-02 series and I’m instantly besotted with it. I have a 1/18th scale set of decals that need enlarging at the graphics shop yet but the car is shaping up so well.
A Tekin Redline 17.5 turn motor is the heart of the drivetrain, a stock Tamiya motor control with Tactic servo and Hitec 26mhz AM radio completes the electrics. Just basic stuff because I don’t want this car too fast.
That may sound strange but the body is a hard plastic kit that really can’t be replaced easily. The last price I saw was around 150$ for it. The decals had to come from France and have to be enlarged at around 80-100$ so something psycho fast isn’t going to last long.
Gmade beadlocks and directional rally tires complete the chassis and keep the original look.
I’m fairly certain I will have the only Benetton Jolly Club Lancia 037 rally car in 1/10th scale out there.

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