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Just finished a trip from the bottom of Australia to the top, and back again... almost. Great trip, mood swings and all from this old girl. Giving her a rest until I ask her to do another one for me next year!

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  • That she did Gregory! Shame you're without one now though, they're such an amazing vehicle.

    I didn't quite make it to the top. I got to Hervey Bay, but by then the header tank had fractured (my fault, I turned it off to quickly after a long highway run), and the ignition switch fell apart. It was quite amazing how an old Land Rover brings everyone together to make sure it still runs enough to get where I needed to go. The only other thing that happened on the way back were a couple of the aircon belt pulleys seized, but cutting the belt off fixed pretty much everything else, like high temp and low power.

    The trip itself was fairly straight forward. I traveled with a group for pretty much all of it, though I intended to break away for Cape York, and then Sydney when I abandoned the idea of heading to the top. I abandoned the idea of Sydney as well, as having to hotwire-ish a car to get it started attracts some weird looks.

    It was South East Vic > Yass > Dubbo > Tamworth > Fraser Island for 6 days > Hervey Bay > Tamworth > Parkes > Wodonga > Omeo > Lakes Entrance > Home

    I'll make a play for Cape York some other time. Next trip is Adelaide > Alice Springs (through the Simpson Desert of course) > Birdsville (from there I may head to The Cape) > Adelaide > Home

    I'm thinking the one after that will be Tasmania, maybe another one around Western Australia. They'll probably be between a few trips through the UK and Europe, maybe driving an RV across 'murica. Anyone know of some other good trips around Australia?

    There will be a few photos and a video coming eventually. There was a professional photographer in the group, so I have high hopes!

      3 years ago
  • You can always trust a Land Rover to bring you home safe - happy traveling - 110 Owner South Africa - Now in Dubai without my trusty 110:(

      3 years ago
  • Fantastic, what was your route around Australia? Do you have any more photos to share?

      3 years ago