6w ago

Just finished replacing the Oil filter housing gasket. Here is a picture of the repair in progress. While repairing the gasket, I also put in new coolant, new aluminum bolts for the housing, and a new coolant line.

I’m happy to do this job more rather than later, because if you let the gasket go bad and start leaking, the coolant travels through the oil filter housing and will mix with the coolant. Which can be mistaken for a head gasket. (It can even cause a head gasket if you don’t change the contaminated coolant.)

It can also Leak onto the serpentine belt and can cause he belt to swell and eventually (without warning) slip of the tensioner pulley, and the engine will suck the belt in through the front main seal.

I apologize if this is a long post. I’m just proving a point on why this gasket is important to get replaced.

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