Just for fun! How many cars can you name?

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A random spotting video by me from earlier this morning. showing some of the daily rides. Question is, what can you spot? Play along and post in comments

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  • I can name quite a few lol great idea too x

    14 days ago
  • I named about 40 or 50 ! The first six were..... Jennifer,Alison,Filipa,Sue....Deborah,Anabel too.......🤗

    18 days ago
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    • Hahahaha and did you love them 'from the bottom of your pencil case?' Just thinking,...most people probably won't have a clue what we're talking about 🤣

      18 days ago
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    • I do, and thought the same.

      Odd how Heaton wrote a song called 'Woman in the wall'.

      17 days ago
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