Just how much does it cost to keep an RC213V-s going?

    spoiler alert - it's not cheap

    4y ago


    In service costs alone you're looking at £48 per lap onboard this thing

    In service costs alone you're looking at £48 per lap onboard this thing

    Every number surrounding Honda's crazy limited-run RC213V-S is big.

    The 220bhp V4 that pushes along just 160kg of machinery

    The £137,000 asking price that would have bought you one if you were fast enough with your chequebook.

    And now a lucky owner has revealed just what it costs to keep his RC running when ridden as intended.
    You'd have to keep your Sunday rides short and get home within two and half hours, just to stay within the service intervals.
    We're not kidding, two and half hours between services. These aren't just your average oil and filter changes either, which are expensive enough at £450 without labour.
    Once you reach 3000km the crank, rods and other internal parts need to be junked for new.
    If you have to put a number on that - it equates to £48 per lap of Donington Park. Ouch.

    A quick list of spares prices -
    Frame - £23,000
    Exhaust system - £19,000
    Forks - £18,000
    Swingarm - £14,000
    Throttle bodies - £13,000
    Fuel tank - £4,000


    There's nothing quite like the sound of a Honda V4

    the mirrors are £350 each

    the mirrors are £350 each

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    Comments (14)

    • How in Gods name can anybody afford it. It's far to expensive. If I was lucky enough to put on the grid & somebody as much as looked at it I would kill him & then I would be carted away. Now where is the sport in that. I still love watching the racing

        3 years ago
    • Greatest exclusive road motorcycle ever

        3 years ago
    • To be fair to the RCV - the TT is a unique event where rider confidence is more important than outright machine performance.

      Add to that the RCV was very low on development, having only been built by Clive Padgett literally a week before the TT started.

        3 years ago
    • all that and it still couldn't do a faster lap than the bmw 1000 at the isle of man tt, i'd want my money back

        3 years ago
    • interesting piece. I'd rather a Desmosedici to be honest

        3 years ago


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