4y ago

Just wanted to share my 308 GT200. At 200bhp, it may not be the fastest "hot hatch" and the clutch may not be great, but I love it. Came across it by complete chance when I worked for Peugeot and after some digging, I discovered it's now 1 of only 43 in the UK

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  • Yes he definitely would like the new 308's look and specs!

      4 years ago
  • and we all know Clarkson's opinion of Peugeot but I'm sure it and the current gti would change his mind lol

      4 years ago
  • thank you! it's the pride and joy that I neveri planned! it's the exact same gear box and clutch that's in the standard car, thinking of upgrading in the new year! I have coilovers to be fitted too along with a resonator delete

      4 years ago
  • Great car John! Thanks for sharing! In my 308 the clutch isn't the best either.. I guess it's a French issue :)

      4 years ago