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Just what is the point of the 911 GT3?

I mean, come on, there's a GT3-RS and other Porsche models as well.

2w ago


Before we go, an introduction

The Porsche 911 is probably the greatest sports-car in the world. But what if you wanted to make an already great car, but even better?

It's probably the best sports-car in the world...


You get some truly wicked stuff. But now and then, you get some strange stuff here and there. This doesn't apply to all cars by the way.

I've noticed how the Porsche's 911 models go. You start of with the 911, then the turbo model comes in. Sometimes, limited edition models appear as well. Then, they come out with the GT3Rs and the GT2RS models as well. They also come with Grand Tourer like cars like the GT3 touring. The thing is, why is their a GT3?



The stats of the GT3:

HP: 500 and 520

Engine: NA 4.0-liter flat-six

Transmission: Manual or Automatic

0-60: 3 seconds

Now, that's a great performance car. Considering the fact that it comes with a manual transmission. But if you want a track car, you can spend a bit more and help your self to a GT3rs which is a more hardcore model and drives great. If you want a 911 GT3rs that you want to, you know, drive around the countryside and mountain passes, you can get a stunning GT3 Touring which also very good.

But if you really want that manual transmission, you can get a Cayman GT4, which is just as fast and is also the top model of the Cayman. You kinda don't have to worry about being "a poor man's Porsche". There are other models, but I think this stands out.

In Conclusion,

I think you should spend your hard earned money the Cayman GT4 instead of the GT3, or you could go ahead and buy a GT3rs. If you really want that GT3, go get it. I can't force you.

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Comments (11)

  • The point of a GT3 is so Hammond can go around bragging to people who only have a Carrera

      5 days ago
  • Well, you’ve missed the point. If you don’t want a Cayman, don’t have the money for a Turbo S, GT3 RS, or GT3 T, then the GT3 is the perfect middle ground. It’s a step up from the Carrera models, and right below the track focused GT3 RS. It’s probably the best 911 currently on sale. You can daily it, it’s better looking than the Turbo models, and still capable on the track.

      16 days ago
    • But a Cayman GT4 is a good track day car that you can also daily. I think the Doug Demuro said it's his new favorite Porsche as well.

        5 days ago
    • But the price points are different. The GT4 is $100k, but the GT3 is around $150K new.

        5 days ago
  • Great article! but I think the GT3 is there to be a perfect median. It’s a balance of track performance and shear driving experience on the road. In fact many people would take a GT3 over a GT3 RS

      19 days ago
  • I would get a Cayman GT4 instead

      19 days ago
    • Because it's a track car you can daily.

        19 days ago
  • What do you think @tribe?

      19 days ago


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