Kaege RETRO 911 [993]

The Kaege RETRO is not a Porsche 911 copy. It is an interpretation of the legendary F-model, based on a 993.

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The Kaege RETRO 911 [993] www.kaege-retro.com/ Kaege GmbH Im Langgarten 2 67294 Stetten Roger Kaege info [at] kaege-retro.com Kaege.de The Kaege RETRO is not a copy. It is an interpretation of the legendary F-model, based on a 993. Both cars’ dimensions differ fundamentally, hence a mere copy would not even have been technically feasible. But we succeeded in preserving the authentic proportions – and thus are proud to have created a sports car that may be seen as a tribute to a classic but relies on its own DNA. The Bodywork A lightweight beauty. By deliberately using carbon parts we did not only add a modern touch to this nostalgic car concept but also were able to reduce the RETRO’s overall weight in comparision with the original 993 by more than 100 kilograms. Little bodywork modifications that will be positively reflected in the car’s driving characteristics and a reduced fuel consumption – but remain completely invisible in terms of the consequent nostalgic overall look. The Wheels Old wheels reinvented. An immaculate vintage look – but as modern, safe and powerful as possible by any means: This also applies to the RETRO’s tires and rims: We made the decision for a modern high-end wheel in the classy “Fuchs”-design. But of course, we are open for your ideas and preferences as well in this regard. The Exhaust Sound performance. One of the few parts where we have decided in favour of a complete redesign: The exhaust pipe. It suits the RETRO – the sound, the performance and the quality prove that we have made the right decision. The Engine As air-cooled as air-cooled can be. It’s as simple as that: The Kaege RETRO works with an entirely revised 993 engine. Thus - unlike our competitors - we strictly revert to the best air-cooled standard technology that has ever been engineered at Porsche. For each RETRO we take the time to disassemble, check, balance and reconstruct the entire unit. We ensure that the engine is working in a cultivated, smooth and firm manner at the end of that process. By careful means we gained a slight increase in the overall performance – 300 HP out of 3.6 litres of capacity. Porsche feeling at its purest! The RETRO comes with hydraulic valve lifters which effectively contribute to a low maintenance frequency. By the way: Thanks to its OBD-capability, the RETRO can be handled easily at any Porsche dealership worldwide. The RETRO-LED Headlights Simply brilliant. The RETRO-LEDs are an in-house development that stand out due to their modern LED-based concept within an immaculate vintage look. Energy-saving, light-intense and far more durable then their original predecessors – without disturbing the classy appearance of the car. The Transmission Being 993. Not only the original six-cylinder engine but also the original 993 transmission remained nearly untouched. Nearly, because we properly revised everything. Of course. Some things just are perfect as they are.

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