- The gigantic blue jeep of Kahn design at the Geneva Motor Show

Kahn Design and Chelsea Blue

A interview with Kahn Design about the colour 'Chelsea Blue', plus review at the launch of the Aston Martin WB12 Vengeance !

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Listen to my interview ...


The black Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk, a limited piece of a car dress

The press officer explained to me the features of the Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk, the interior style looks very similar to a fashion couture dress, if you look closer at the dark green material in a silky-soft touch. In my last article about a Lamborghini and a watch I talked from car dresses , I think Kahn Design is also a good example for this.. It was my first time, that I touched the shiny livery of the car, and I was really surprised. It doesn't feel like plastic, nor carbon fibre it has a unique touch, difficult to explain. Best get yourself into a Kahn showroom and check it out by yourself!

For Kahn Jeeps you need a ladder to climb up

The Launch of the Aston Martin WB12 Vengeance- a new super car

Last year Kahn Design showcased its new super car the Aston Martin WB12 Vengeance, but due to a 1-hour delay at the first press day of Ferrari, the guys only had some minutes on stage. But they did a great job!


The Vengeance in a baby blue livery this year at the Geneva Autosalon, what a great fashionable colour, but which livery style do you like more?

The cars of the fashion house Kahn Design 2015 at the Geneva Autosalon

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