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Kaikoura, Gore Bay, and Hurunui, North Canterbury, New Zealand. 5 Mar, 2015

"Kai" = food "Koura" = crayfish. Prior to recent the devastating earthquake of Nov 14, 2016. It's hard to comment on this now as the communities of these areas come to terms with loss and damage of infrastructure, marine life, livelihoods, houses, beyond imagination and description. Kaikoura: "Where the mountains meet the sea", as they did in the past, and did earlier again this month.

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  • Yes, life just not the same, feels a bit surreal. Remember those caravans and the good feeds well. Down that way in January with a few 4WDs we are wondering what in the world we can do to help.

      3 years ago
  • Feel sorry for the biz owners around this area, as this was their livelihood, now completed put on halt

      3 years ago


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