Kansas Roads sucks

2y ago


The UK has its population, Canada has its weather, and Kansas has construction. I could tell you all about the two days Lawrence's side of K10 was construction free or the time College had the same roadwork from one day to the next but those days never happened. We have plenty of money for these roadwork escapades because we've taken all of it from our education system but that's just another branch of the cancer known as Brownback.

New traffic pattern on I-85 near Concord Mills

Nobody here is campaigning for the reactivation of traffic cameras (They were installed and turned off due to legal concerns pertaining to privacy. God bless the republicans.) or reducing the speed limit because the problem is so blatantly the ever changing and always present construction.

The story goes like this: The roads become extremely bogged up and merging becomes dangerous. Elected officials see the problem and say "Hey, instead of lowering speed limits let's just make the roads bigger." Neat. The state gets credit for boosting the economy and we can still gallop along at 70 to 80 mph. Win win right? It would be if they didn't decide to rebuild every fucking road at the exact same fucking time. And that wouldn't be so much of of a problem if they didn't end up fucking up every last fucking job in some fucking way making them restart all fucking over again. GOD DAMMIT BROWNBACK! ... Sorry about that. Its been a rough few years. Anyway new problems lead to new plans and those lead to new cones in new places confusing drivers and causing new wrecks. These wrecks become new problems to elected officials inspiring them to start the cycle all over again.

The worst part about all this is the reason these wrecks continue to happen so frequently. We don't have enough warning before changes in traffic patterns. There are so many jobs going on right now that signs are in short supply which leads to short notice lane endings. These lane endings lead to panicked merging and that's where the wrecks happen.

It's about making it home safely and being confident that some confused person isn't going to pit you at highway speeds on your way home tonight. That's not happening here anymore.

I first became aware of this problem when I was riding home from the dentist with my dad when he yelled, "Get back in your lane," to the car next to us. They had fallen victim to one of our sudden lane endings and almost merged into us. After some thought he told me, "Someone tries to kill me on this road every day. Avoid it if you can." I thought he was being melodramatic but now that I take that road to work I understand he was telling the truth. You have to be on your toes on Kansas roads. They're fast, unpredictable, and in most areas you can't see far enough ahead to plan for shit. So in conclusion Kansas roads suck.

I hope you've enjoyed my first article. This one's a bit grim but I've wanted to express my thoughts about this subject for a while. I have more articles I want to write and they're all much sillier than this so I look forward to them and hope you do too. This is the first article I've written so I'd appreciate any feedback. As a token of gratitude I shall leave you with some silly ass picture I'll probably find in the next five minuets. Be safe out there and have fun.

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