Karcher k5 Review | How good is this pressure washer for Car Cleaning?

Karcher k5 Review. Lets see if this budget pressure washer from Karcher is any good for washing your car...

48w ago

This Karcher K5 Review will be packed with everything you need to know to help you decide if its the right pressure washer for you or for your car cleaning business. I also test out the new Karcher hd 6/13c model and compare the k5 to my own Xpert HD 7125 Model.

Included in this review i also discuss tips to make your pressure washer last longer discuss the pros and cons of the cheaper yellow k series models over the professional grey machines.

This model was the X Range and this was tested for 5 working days but i kept my commercial pressure washer with me which was lucky because the days were getting shorter and with daylight running out i had to reply on my trusty heavy duty one.

Shoud you use a domestic pressure washer for your car cleaning business? Well in a word, No. This is because you will invalidate the warranty and retailers would be able to tell straight away as these are quite cheaply built so would show early signs of wear and tear.

Karcher K5 - amzn.to/3nFR9To

Karcher Suction Hose & Filter - amzn.to/3nNS9on

K5 Compact - amzn.to/332utER

My Pressure Washer - amzn.to/2VNquJO

if you want to see more videos like this then check out my other karcher videos including the snow foam nozzle & SC4 steam clean we video.

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