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Karma announces two new entry-level models

A smaller and cheaper sibling of the Revero GT

11w ago

After months without any news, Karma Automotive is making a comeback by announcing two new entry-level models: the GSe-6, an electric sedan that will be accompanied by a hybrid version more simply named GS-6. Both vehicles will be positioned below the Revero GT.

The GSe-6 first, will offer many connected features including Internet radio and 21-inch wheels as standard. The brand is already announcing a base price of $79,900 for the electric sedan. The other novelty is the GS-6 hybrid variant with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

Unlike the large Revero GT sedan, which uses its combustion engine to exclusively recharge its batteries, the GS-6 will feature more traditional functionality with a combustion engine that can also directly drive the vehicle. The GS-6 should be the manufacturer's least expensive car.

Finally, Karma provides more details on the Revero GT. The limousine will have four-wheel drive and develop 1,100 PS. It will offer hand-crafted materials as well as particularly advanced customisation options to its future customers.

Photo credits Karma Automotive

Photo credits Karma Automotive

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