Kart, bike, or ATV?

Which one is the most fun?

4y ago

Typical Tuesday morning dilemma. Should you get up and shower for work or look at Craigslist for an hour? Instead of preparing for another day at the cube-farm you find yourself scrolling through For-Sale by owner listings at 7:00AM that popped up with the search term "Fast."

At some point you just can't take the monotony anymore. You dry heave at the thought of traffic. You sit at a computer every day. You cook dinner at home to save a couple of pennies so that one day maybe you can afford to inject some adrenaline into your life.

Fuck it, right? Why not get a dose of speed NOW? And not the desperately fleeting highway on-ramp type of speed. You can't beat on your poor daily driver anymore than you do already, and besides, it's hardly ever satisfying. Real, hardcore, racing is what you need. A place where you can pin the throttle for more than a second at a time. A place where you're not afraid of Johnny Law laying the smackdown on your "driving skills" and your bank account. Where does one turn for such a rush?

I've concluded there are at least three affordable ways to have fun with motorized thingys that are not cars. Here are your options:

1) A Go-Kart

You can buy a kick ass shifter kart for under $3000. Bang your own gears and feel the world rushing directly under your bum at 80mph. They fit easily in a pickup bed, or a good size wagon.

2) A track bike

The best thing about a track bike is you're inheriting someone else's effort. You don't even have to take off the blinkers because somebody else wanted to go fast first! Throw it in a pickup bed and get out to your local track. $2500 tops for a runner with decent tires. Delete "track" and write "dirt" if you'd prefer to go flying in a hail of stones instead of on pavement.

3) An ATV or a Side by Side

Hard to imagine anything more fun than blasting through the woods on a four-wheeled motorcycle. These things are even allowed to run on Motocross tracks, and I've seen riding at MX tracks as low as $35 for a WHOLE DAY! Or finance one of the new sport Side by Sides at 0% (Yamaha is doing that right now for 36 months) and take it racing right out of the box. Where in the world can you finance a freaking race-mobile???

Tell me what you think. How else can you go racing or at the very least, go fast (legally) for cheap money?

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