Kart, bike, or ATV?

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Typical Tuesday morning dilemma. Should you get up and shower for work or look at Craigslist for an hour? Instead of preparing for another day at the cube-farm you find yourself scrolling through For-Sale by owner listings at 7:00AM that popped up with the search term "Fast."

At some point you just can't take the monotony anymore. You dry heave at the thought of traffic. You sit at a computer every day. You cook dinner at home to save a couple of pennies so that one day maybe you can afford to inject some adrenaline into your life.

Fuck it, right? Why not get a dose of speed NOW? And not the desperately fleeting highway on-ramp type of speed. You can't beat on your poor daily driver anymore than you do already, and besides, it's hardly ever satisfying. Real, hardcore, racing is what you need. A place where you can pin the throttle for more than a second at a time. A place where you're not afraid of Johnny Law laying the smackdown on your "driving skills" and your bank account. Where does one turn for such a rush?

I've concluded there are at least three affordable ways to have fun with motorized thingys that are not cars. Here are your options:

1) A Go-Kart

You can buy a kick ass shifter kart for under $3000. Bang your own gears and feel the world rushing directly under your bum at 80mph. They fit easily in a pickup bed, or a good size wagon.

2) A track bike

The best thing about a track bike is you're inheriting someone else's effort. You don't even have to take off the blinkers because somebody else wanted to go fast first! Throw it in a pickup bed and get out to your local track. $2500 tops for a runner with decent tires. Delete "track" and write "dirt" if you'd prefer to go flying in a hail of stones instead of on pavement.

3) An ATV or a Side by Side

Hard to imagine anything more fun than blasting through the woods on a four-wheeled motorcycle. These things are even allowed to run on Motocross tracks, and I've seen riding at MX tracks as low as $35 for a WHOLE DAY! Or finance one of the new sport Side by Sides at 0% (Yamaha is doing that right now for 36 months) and take it racing right out of the box. Where in the world can you finance a freaking race-mobile???

Tell me what you think. How else can you go racing or at the very least, go fast (legally) for cheap money?

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