KartKraft is the karting simulator you have probably never heard of

Karting that looks so realistic you can almost smell the fumes.

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Four years. That is how long it has taken for KartKraft ─ formerly KartSim ─ to become something you can actually play. Time well spent if the realism of early footage is anything to go by.

KartKraft was actually meant to launch in June of 2016, but the studio behind it, Black Delta, appeared to give up. Turns out, that was never the case as a playable version of it is now available on Steam Early Access, having undergone a closed beta and a lot of refinement.


In fact, Black Delta said it completely rebuilt the whole game and that it never stopped working on it, with more than 15,200 code and art submissions undertaken since the day things went quiet.

KartKraft lets you enjoy karting in your living room, with AI opponents, online multiplayer and leaderboards there to help you hone your skills. You can even build your own kart from the chassis up and race it at three laser scanned circuits.

Virtual reality support is also included, which seems like a brilliant move given how close to real life KartKraft looks, and it can be played across three screens if you want a greater field of view (and have a large desk).

Being an Early Access Game means that things will be changed, added and maybe even removed over time in the pursuit of making it as good as it can be, as Black Delta explains:

"KartKraft is the racing game that as gamers and racing drivers, we’ve always wanted to play. Hugely ambitious and free from the restrictions of what the genre ‘should’ be, we want you, whether you’re a die-hard racing game fan, a hardcore sim racer or a casual gamer, to join and assist us in making KartKraft the most progressive, intense, and immersive racing experience on the PC."

KartKraft may not be every petrolhead's cup of tea, but then it costs £14.39 (there's a temporary 10 per cent off) and it was good enough for five-time Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Well, he drove the real thing but you get the idea.

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