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Kathleen's Manxster S: the story of a woman and her Meyers Manx

A very special beach buggy seen at the Farmington CT Polo Grounds

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Last month a went to a Cars and Coffee in Farmington Connecticut where I was able to see this amazing custom dune buggy that makes the ones they used on The Grand Tour look basic. However, it was not until just recently where I looked into the sign on the side of the Manx: "Kathleen's Manxster S." Originally I thought maybe this buggy was in a movie but the story behind this vehicle is actually much cooler.

To quickly summarize the full article that's linked below, a woman named Kathleen and her husband teamed up to build her dream buggy and absolutely knocked it out of the park! Despite her husbands vast knowledge of Volkswagen's and building street legal buggy's, Kathleen was not willing to take a back seat to the building, and especially the designing of the Manxster. They bonded further through the building of the car and continued to create memories together with the Manxster once it was built including going on a 6,000 mile road trip! This is just one beautiful instance of a car bringing people further together and creating memories to last a life time! This makes it an honor to have been able to see this stunning beach buggy in person! (I highly encourage you read the full article below)

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