Kawasaki Vs State Trooper

It makes the cop look a bit silly

1y ago

We all know the Kawasaki H2 is very, very fast. But how does it stack up against a US State Trooper?

This H2 rider was out minding his own business at 100mph when the cop decided to put on his lights for a chat. The H2 rider must have been late home for his tea because he decided to twist the throttle back just a tad. You can hear the H2 is barely breaking a sweat - its 200bhp inline-four cylinder supercharged engine effortlessly accelerating away, the cop car getting smaller very quickly.

Of course we don't condone this behaviour. Always stop if asked to by your local friendly traffic policeman - or FTP...

Skip to about 2:10 to see the cop car disappear

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