Keels & Wheels 2021

South-Eastern Texas' biggest Concours d'Elegance event of the year.

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Car shows are always great! You meet new people, see amazing cars and have a great time! But if you are looking for some high end classics, then you NEED to go to a Concours event some time. I got to see some incredible cars out there today, cars you only get to see once in a lifetime. So I would like to share some of these very special vehicles with you today.

A/C Ace Bristol

The predecessor to the legendary Cobra, the Ace was no slouch itself. One of the best sports cars of it's time, with a 125hp 2.0L Bristol Inline-Six the Ace had great performance for it's time. These are very rare as well, with only 732 ever produced!

Ferrari 328 Conciso Concept

When I first saw this car, I thought "What in the world is that?!?" It looked nothing like any car I had ever seen, though odd looking I was intrigued by it's funky styling and wanted to hear it's back story. Back in 1993 Ferrari commissioned a concept from a small German design shop called Michalak, it would be based on a 1989 328 GTS and be a hard-core track car. There is only one in existence and I found it! So of course I am very excited about finding this odd yet absurd creation.

Alfa Junior Zagato

This is another odd car that I had known nothing about, but it's odd styling really interested me. Sharing most of it's mechanicals with the Spyder it was very sporty and renowned for it's handling. Even world famous car designer Gordon Murray owned one! Now it's looks where criticized as many thought it looked like a door stop, but I quite like the styling.

Maserati Ghibli Spyder

The coupe version of the Ghibli looks fantastic, but the Spyder is even better looking! This one certainly pops in that beautiful blue color. With a 4.7L V8 making 330hp this car was the perfect GT car for it's time. Elegant Italian styling, powerful front mounted V8 and no roof! Absolutely stunning!

Ferrari F40

One of the greatest if not the greatest supercar of all time, the F40 has always been one of my favorite cars. Being the very first production car to break the 200mph barrier, it will also go down as one of the biggest engineering feats in history.

Bugatti Type 50

An incredible car of it's time, the Type 50 was one of the fastest and most powerful cars of it's era. It had a 5.0L dual-overhead cam Inline 8 making 225hp, which was double what most cars at the time made, outside of the Duesenbergs and Packards. Just 67 of these beauties were ever made, they were raced at Le Mans up until 1935.

Boss 429 Mustang

Ford's answer to the Hemi, the 429 "Semi-Hemi" (Called that because it wasn't a true Hemi) was never able to compete in racing due to NASCAR banning Hemi heads. But it was "rated" at 375hp (Was way more) so it was very fast for it's time. Now days these can fetch close to half a million dollars!!!

Auburn Boat-tail Speedster

One of the prettiest cars ever built, the Speedster was some what of a super car for it's time. There isn't a single angle on this car that isn't beautiful, and with that magnificent Inline 8-cylinder engine it had the performance to back it up making 150hp! Which for the 1930's was quite good.

I got to meet Carroll Shelby's son!

Quite a nice moment for me, as I have always looked up to Carroll Shelby and sadly will never be able to meet him but meeting his son was an amazing experience. He was very nice, and we were also looking at the movie cars from Ford VS. Ferrari. Weirdly enough the Ferrari 330 P4 used in the movie had a Chevy LS under the hood.

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  • I wonder if you saw Ethan?🤔

      6 days ago
    • We were there on the same day, but we didn't know that we were both there

        6 days ago
    • If both my remaining brain cells had been working simultaneously, I might've thought to ask and his bunch to meet up for a poolside drink at the clubhouse to compare notes on the show. Sadly, it never dawned on me...

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        6 days ago
  • That’s awesome! The Auburn Speedster is so pretty 🤩

      6 days ago
  • behind you what is that not the gt40

      6 days ago
  • I completely forgot this event existed! My parents took me when I was maybe 9 or 10. It’s down near Galveston right?

      6 days ago
  • wow awesome! really making me miss going out to events like this and look forward to the next ones even more!

      6 days ago