Keep Fighting Initiative inspired by Michael Schumacher launched

Corinna Schumacher: “We would like to encourage others to never give up”

“I have always believed that you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there’s only a slightest chance.”

Michael Schumacher, 2007

Gland 17 December 2016 – “Keep fighting” and “Never give up” are the key messages that a new non-profit initiative inspired by Michael Schumacher is celebrating. Keep Fighting seeks to channel the positive energy received by the seven times Formula One world champion and his family as a force for good in the world.

The Keep Fighting Initiative is initiated and backed by the Schumacher family. As Corinna Schumacher puts it: “We would like to encourage others to never give up.” The initiative is supposed to be another sign of respect and gratitude to Michael’s fans.

Keep Fighting is celebrating the attitudes of “Keep Fighting” and “Never Give Up” which are directly inspired by Michael Schumacher. The initiative plans to harness through its own projects, the power of a Keep Fighting community which is inspired by those attitudes.

Keep Fighting is managed by Michael Schumacher’s office (The MS Office) and #TeamMichael on behalf of the Schumacher family.

Sabine Kehm, managing director The MS Office: “This is a first step of a movement which we hope can do good in the future. The intention of the Keep Fighting Initiative is to spread the belief that giving up is not an option, a message that is valid not only in motor racing. In this way we hope to turn a terrible event, which affects the whole Schumacher family, into something positive.”



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