- Bobby Vore's 32 Ford Pickup Keep's Right to Hot Rod Tradition

Keep Right

Bobby Vore's traditional hot rod recipe on a vintage 32 Ford Pickup

When a chef finds the right combination of ingredients to make the perfect dish, he seldom strays far from that recipe, being sure to Keep Right to every detail. And once he has found that recipe that he, as well as other’s like, he often becomes known for that recipe. The same is true for hot rods. All the great builders have a recipe! Guy’s like Bobby Alloway, Chip Foose, the late Barry Lobeck, and countless others all had their own recipe. Bobby Vore has his own recipe as well. That becomes completely apparent when you see his little black 32 Ford Pickup. Bobby’s recipe, though a simple one, makes for a very tasty hot rod.


Bobby started with an all original steel 32 Ford pickup cab and purchased a Brookville Roadster rolling chassis to set it on. He also purchased a set of 32 coupe front and rear fenders from Brookville Roaster, and 32 pickup bed panels from Hot Rods. He set all this up on the rolling chassis and shortened the bedsides until they looked proportional with the fenders and cab. From there he added a Brookville Roadster 32 one piece upper hood, and held it in place with leather hold down straps and buckles. A Walker radiator surrounded by a Brookville Roadster 32 coupe grill shell and a 32 coupe headlight bar with big coupe headlights round off the front end treatment. The addition of a trimmed down lower grill valance panel and factory style polished grill insert finish the front end details. Out back, the inside bed floor is trimmed out in oak slats with stainless steel straps and hardware. A steel bed box holds the battery and cleaning supplies as well as other necessities. The taillights are 46 Ford style LED units. Once the body and chassis were all mocked up everything came back apart for bodywork and paint. Keeping to Bobby’s recipe the body was sprayed Bobby’s own color known as Keep Right Black. (Not black primer!) . After this the truck was re-assembled and was wired for power.

The powertrain is traditional as well. Bobby whipped up a gutsy little 327 cubic inch small block Chevy giving her all the inner goodies that make for a reliable and street able power plant. He coated it in bright Chevy orange paint and topped it off with polished finned aluminum valve covers, and an Offenhauser aluminum three deuce intake and carbs. A Pertronics distributor provides the spark, and a set of Sanderson headers direct the exhaust gasses down and out through the Flow Master mufflers. The transmission is GM 350 Turbo Hydromatic that Bobby rebuilt and warmed over for reliability and better shifts. From there power goes out to the rear wheels through a Ford nine inch rear end.

Bobby added some finishing touches to the truck with a complete chrome Super Bell front drop I-Beam axle and hairpins. The rear is suspended via four link and coil overs. Interior comfort was addressed with two bucket seats in Red Leather out of a early 90’s model Chevy pickup, and a Lobeck’s Lakes steering wheel. The column is a GM tilt unit running into a Vega steering box. Front Stainless nurf bars up front and a tasty little sun visor over the front windshield ad to the details. Then the icing on the cake in Bobby’s hot rod recipe is a set of American Racing Torque Thrust wheels 15 x 6’s wrapped in 165 R15 tires in front and 15 x 7’s wrapped in 255/70 R15’s in back.

Bobby puts around 1200 miles a year on the little truck and it is never trailered. The little truck has had its share of awards as well, including a top pick at the Hot Rod Reunion in 2014 and top 20 at the Blue Sued Cruise this past year. All this together makes for a winning recipe that is good looking, reliable, and fun! To sum it all up, Bobby has taken his 40+ years of building hot rods and continues to Keep Right to his recipe.

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