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Keep your windscreen clean: The best windshield wipers on sale now

We all need to replace our windshield wipers eventually, so here are some of the best ones you can get right now

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Windshield wipers are a very small part of your car that you barely even notice sometimes, but they're one of the most important components for keeping your car clean and keeping you driving safe in poor weather. Without them, you'd have a very tough time driving in any kind of rainy weather! We all need to replace the ones on our cars at some point, so I've compiled a list of the best that are available right now.

A popular brand

Bosch makes a myriad of different things, and windshield wipers are some of their better products. This set of wiper blades comes in at a fairly affordable £11.71 (discounted from their usual price of £22.65) and should fit most cars fairly easily. Bosch is a very popular and trusted brand, so you shouldn't go too wrong by buying these windshield wiper replacements!

Buy them now on Amazon.

They're popular for a reason

Bosch SP22/16S Wiper Blades Set – the standard

Bosch wiper blades are popular for a reason!

A dizzying array of options

If you need a windshield wiper that's a bit more specific to your car, Vipa Car Parts should have you covered. Vipa offers wiper replacements for a huge variety of cars including Vauxhalls/Opels, BMWs, Renaults, Kias, Peugeots, Fiats and Toyotas. Whatever car you may have, it's pretty much guaranteed that Vipa Car Parts will have a replacement wiper in stock for it.

Go to Vipa Car Parts Amazon store.

So… much… choice

VIPA car parts' Amazon store – something for every car

Vipa Car parts' Amazon store makes it dead easy to get the right parts for your car

German quality?

Another manufacturer of windshield wipers for all sorts of different cars is Alca. Their wipers claim to have "German quality", as well as super durable rubber thanks to "Nano Coating Technology". That certainly sounds very promising!

Get Alca wipers on Amazon.

Viel glück zum wiperburtstag

"German Quality" Alca wiper blades – sehr gut

Alca promises that their wipers will leave your car feeling as if it's been touched by Germans

Some of us need rear wipers...

Unless you're a lucky sports car owner, you probably have a need for replacement rear windshield wipers too. This 10 inch (25.4 cm) rear wiper blade from Beler is compatible with Suzuki Swifts from 2005 onwards, Suzuki SX4s from 2007 onwards and Mitsubishi ASXs from 2010 onwards. It's made out of super durable materials so it should last a long time and at £5.99 it's pretty cheap too!

Buy now at Amazon.

sports car owners won't need these

beler 10-inch rear windshield wiper blade – back up!

Beler's affordable range of rear windshield wipers will help you reverse in confidence

AVA new set of wipers!

AVA are offering something a little bit different with their windshield wipers. Instead of using rubber, AVA opts for silicone. Why? Silicone doesn't require the use of petroleum in its manufacturing process, making them more environmentally friendly to make than traditional rubber blades. They're also fully bio-degradable! AVA also claims that they can last up to twice as long as traditional rubber bladed wipers. At £23.95 they're on the expensive side of things, but if you're looking for an alternative to traditional windshield wipers they could be a good place to go.

Get them on Amazon now.

the planet-friendly option

AVA 26''+17'' Silicone Windscreen WiperS – they're green

Made without petroleum, these bio-degradeable wipers can ease your conscience

Windscreen wiper FAQs

When to change your windshield wipers?

This varies with the time and amount of use your windshield wiper blades get – but every six months will be about right as a general rule. If your wipers are on the way out, they’ll be less effective at clearing your windshield – that could be an MOT failure in the UK – even if they only miss the corners of your screen, it’s still time for a replacement because the leading edge of your wiper blades has become worn. Or it could be down to perished rubber which no longer creates a proper seal against the surface of your windscreen.

Older wipers can also squeak and clatter across your windshield which isn’t dangerous but can be pretty annoying on a long journey.

How to change windshield wipers?

Most cars will have hook type attachments holding them on wiper blades. To remove them, lift your wipers off your windshield, fold the blades so that they’re perpendicular to the screen and release the tab next to the hinge where they attach, then pull down and the blade will slide down the wiper arm revealing the hook that holds it on. Now swing the wiper parallel to the arm and pull upwards and hey presto, it’s removed.

What windshield wipers are the best?

It goes without saying that whatever wiper blades you choose, they should be ones that fit your car, handily, Amazon has a checker that’ll tell you which wipers fit your car – all you need is your registration or the make and model of your car. We’d recommend choosing from a trusted supplier such as Bosch.

Wiper blades range from a basic design that relies on the windscreen arm to hold them tight against your windshield to aero blades that have tiny spoilers that make them more effective at a higher speed (when normal blades tend to lift off the screen). Frameless wiper blades share this aero feature but, because they don’t have a rigid structure, they better mirror the contours of your windscreen and should be more effective at clearing rain water.

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