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4y ago

I bought my X-Type back in September 2014. It's a 55 plate 3.0 AWD Sport Premium Estate, that's loaded with extras. The only thing it's missing which I'd like is the Audio Connection Module. Apart from that it has EVERYTHING!

After a few new car niggles, which got sorted out by the dealer, I had a relatively trouble free 12 months of enjoyable motoring. However, the last 12 months have been a different story...

I've changed the coolant, the plugs, front and rear discs and calipers, drive belts, and wheel nuts. I actually changed the wheel nuts for Toyota ones, simply because the Jag ones are a horrible design are and almost designed for shearing off. Particularly when they're being tightened up by the work experience kid with an impact driver or the 42 stone gorilla with a 4' breaker bar... The solid Toyota ones are a FAR better option. You can make these:- amzn.to/2fCAnGa a perfect fit if you have a bench grinder to shorten the sleeve by a few mm. I had a blow out shortly after doing this and I was REALLY grateful I'd swapped them. Instead of changing the wheel being impossible, it was a doddle. I always keep a torque wrench and breaker bar in the boot now. If you want to do this mod to your X-Type you need to do something similar, because the nuts are a different size to the Jag originals. Because they're less likely to slip, I'd go for the hex head like this:- amzn.to/2gIiD9w For the breaker bar, something like this is fine: - amzn.to/2g662Mr but there's a risk of over-tightening, so consider a torque wrench for tweaking up. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. I got this really simple one:- amzn.to/2gwSJVI I always tighten to around about 80.

Wheel nuts solved. (I had to sort this out because I needed to do discs and calipers.) It took my father-in-law 3 days to chisel the old wheel nuts off! (They shear off very easily! If you can you get yours off now, I'd change them while you can!)

So, europarts for the discs and calipers, coolant and plugs, so far so good. I managed to solve everything... Until about 3 months later.

I was at Macclesfield Hospital. I'd been for a rather unpleasant procedure called a colonoscopy. If you're not sure what that is, imagine being impaled on a 6' long flexible camera. Having a colonoscopy is a bit like being tortured, but with an excuse and an audience of doctors and nurses watching. I had gas and air so I could drive home. I was the last man in, so it was late when I came out. It was also hammering down with rain. Literally, the double doors of the hospital were like walking into a wall of water. It was the heaviest rain I can remember driving in. I wanted to get back, so I set off. I probably should have waited a bit long as I was still a tad light-headed. I maybe didn't drive quite as slowly as I should have through the sometimes 2' deep puddles.

Eventually the traffic ground to a halt and I stopped at a country pub for my first meal in 2 days. When I came out, my engine management light was flickering on and I started experiencing an occasional splutter and loss of power.

Fast forward a few days and it feels like I'm crawling noisily along on 2 cylinders! I ended up taking it to the local grease monkey, a chap in his 70's called Trevor. It turned out the water had splashed up, hit the bulkhead and splashed onto the coils and plugs. So, I had new plugs and coils... And all was good...

Except it wasn't good. 2 days later, the engine management light came on AGAIN! I had it diagnosed and it was basically an inefficiency in the CAT. Trevor reset it for me, but it came on again only days later.

Now I didn't want to buy a new CAT. Jaguar charge £550 for the front and £770 for the rear - and the car is only worth £1500! I COULD get aftermarket ones for £150 a piece, but there was one thing I wanted to try first.

First job was to get a device so I could diagnose and reset faults myself. I bought this one:- amzn.to/2gV0aJN it links to your iPhone or Android phone if you have the right App. I used Dashcommand. These aren't the cheapest options, but I can tell you they WORK! It worked a treat actually and does all sorts of other cool stuff! I'd recommend any interested enthusiast get that device and Dashcommand if their car is compatible. Sure enough it was Cat Bank 2 beyond threshold.

You can see the device in action here:- youtu.be/GDv4UwwMJUk

Basically it seemed like the CAT was maybe on it's way out or a bit dirty. Before I replaced it though I wanted to try additives. Now I know we're all skeptical about engine additives, but the bloke on the service desk at Jaguar said he used to sell a lot of the stuff in his last job and he reckoned it worked.

I started by running my tank down to 15 litres, then adding a full bottle of this:- amzn.to/2gJk9ay It's called Cataclean and it did mean the engine management light stayed off for longer than it'd ever stayed off before! I actually thought this had sorted it.

However, a week or so later, it came back on. This time I tried adding a bottle of a different additive. Wynn's injector cleaner for petrol :- amzn.to/2fQlQ8e Now this time I could feel the difference in how the car felt. It seemed less prone to stalling and picked up quicker. I didn't time my 1/4 miles with Dashcommand but it felt like it had more fizz.

That was a couple of weeks ago and no engine management light since!

I COULD swap the X-Type, but I can't find anything else with > 230 BHP, that's AWD, comfy, practical and loaded with gadgets for less than £5k such a car doesn't seem to exist. I'm hoping now to run the thing into the ground and get every last mile out of it I can. Why? Well, I love it and apart from having a serious drink problem it seems like the perfect car. It's on 77k now I think. Hopefully I can get another 100K and 10 years out of it, but I'm not too hopeful!

Hope you found this interesting or useful. Good luck with your X-Type!

Martyn Stanley

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  • I had exactly the same problem with my 55-plate 2.5 SE AWD Estate, even down to the cause. It must be something about rain in Macclesfield! I've had the car since new, so it's become part of the family and I had the work done. Turned out the cat had completely crumbled in its housing. Even though it's been replaced, I might still take a look at that injector cleaner.

      3 years ago
    • I think it helped. Not enough, but it helped. I miss the car, though I don't miss the 12 mpg economy! :P

        3 years ago