Ken Block live at SEMA with DriveTribe – Seven things we learned

DriveTribe met with the king of tyre slayers live at SEMA

3y ago

Team DriveTribe met with Ken Block live at SEMA 2018 – You asked the questions, and Ken answered them. Here are seven things we learned from the king tyre destroyer himself at SEMA.

How Gymkhana became a real thing

We are very glad this became a thing

We are very glad this became a thing

Back in the day when Ken was racing Rally America, he had the urge to drive more and to learn how to slide a rally car on tarmac. After starting to fill both of these gaps in his life by competing in Gymkhana events in Southern California. So that he could get even more 'seat-time' Ken decided to build his own rally car to take part future events.

The car was finished, and the Gymkhana events promptly cancelled, leaving Ken with a full rally prepped car and nothing to do with it. Hence, the Gymkhana video series was born.

His biggest influence in motorsport

Ken confirmed that his biggest influence in motorsport is none other than the late great “McCrash” himself, Colin McRae.

Other influences include Ari Vatanen and Michael Schumacher with Ken confirming he is a fan of Schumi, but that his biggest influences are McRae and early rally drivers.

Ken knows his Ford History

When asked ‘what is the longest running Ford production model’, there was no head scratching from Ken Block as he aced it with the correct answer of the Ford F-150. When challenged to name Ford’s fastest ever production car, he again gave us the correct answer with the Ford GT, but only because he’s driven it.

Gymkhana Ten Reveal

Yes, you heard it on DriveTribe first. One of the five locations featured in the upcoming Gymkhana Ten is the one and only Detroit ‘Motor City’.

He could do better at the ‘blurred’ cars quiz

After Ken aced the question round, we expected big things here. Sadly, these very blurry Ford pictures proved more than a match for Ken’s blue-oval knowledge.

The Ford Model A Rat-Rod defeated Ken, as did the Ford Fusion Nascar and the ‘Team Block’ support vehicle the humble Transit van (a 50-year old one to be fair) – There was one moment of redemption though as he correctly identified the iconic RS200, because rally drivers.

Not coming to tarmac racing near you

If you wanted to see Ken try tarmac racing, sorry but you’re out of luck as he just has a massive list of things he wants to do instead. Most of which are dirt and sliding related which makes us very happy.

The Hoonicorn V2 has too much power

Ken confirmed that the normally aspirated version of the Hoonicorn was “easier to drive”, but that the Hoonicorn V2 with its 1,400bhp and twin-turbochargers has “too much power.” He also stated that the V2 spins its wheels all the way up to sixth gear, which sounds like a whole lot of slidey fun to us.

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