Ken Block reveals his only pre-race ritual - and why he does it

The Hoonigan explains what he does just before he gets in his car

3y ago

Ken Block has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to his wild driving - but the original Hoonigan himself has a simple pre-race ritual specifically designed to make sure he doesn’t do anything “stupid”.

The 49-year-old stunt star and rally driver did a live AMA exclusively for DriveTribe direct from the SEMA show in Las Vegas, and one viewer asked whether he has any pre-race rituals.

“In a 24 hour race day we only get certain moments in the car. So literally being as awake and alert as possible [is important] and that means eating right, exercising, stretching, all that sort of stuff," he said.

“But the only thing I do do - I’m not one of those guys that has crazy rituals, but I do put my right glove on first before my left.

“It’s literally because it’s so easy to get worked up and overdrive, and get the red mist and all that stuff, that it’s literally my reminder, it’s like: time to get in the car and do what you’re supposed to do right.

“Because I will just get pissed if somebody hits me in rally cross or mad that I make a mistake on a stage rally or something - and that’s when you tend to make the most errors, when you are in that mode, so that’s my reminder: don’t be stupid.”

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So there you go folks, even Ken Block - the guys who slides his car around between moving aircraft, people anything else he can find *on purpose* - has to remind himself “don’t be stupid”.

You can watch the full Q&A with Ken here:

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