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Ken Block tests the world's first all electric rallycross car

Catch a glimpse at the future of rallycross.

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Ken Block recently got behind the wheel of the world's first all electric rallycross car ahead of the FIA’s new World Rallycross Project E race series event.

In the video, Block hooned the vehicle, STARD Austria, around during a test session in Höljes Sweden. For a look at what the future of rallycross looks and sounds like check out Ken Block's video above!

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Comments (13)

  • That's stupid 🤬🤬🤬 Ken block is really starting to piss me off, you owe your whole career to the internal combustion engine so don't go out there and disrespect it

      14 days ago
    • Correction, he owes his whole career to sneakers. That has allowed him to play with his hobby, his passion without thinking twice about it.

      Money is money and speed is speed. As long as I get to strap a helmet on to my head a dozen or so times a...

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        14 days ago
    • I respect that, but I am not going to support the end of something I hopd dear to my heart

        14 days ago
  • You said the battery was 450 kW, how many kWh is it?

      15 days ago
    • misspelling perhaps

        10 days ago
    • Don't think so, 450 kWh would be 4.5 times larger than a Tesla battery.

      I suspect it is quite small. It only has to last the race distance. 45 kWh would allow full power for 1 hour if the motor draws 450 kW.

        10 days ago
  • Great. Giving the limited range of for now, rally cross is a perfect trial for off-roading EVs.

      10 days ago
  • It’s the end of the world as we know it...

      14 days ago
    • For real. Can you imagine two drivers at a red light. No sound, so they can both ask many kW they have under the hood? And who downloaded the newest engine mods? Shoot me

        13 days ago