Ken Block's 1,400hp Hoonicorn vs McLaren Senna - which is quicker?

      Which are you rooting for?

      2w ago


      Ken Block's infamous 1965 Ford Mustang, otherwise known as 'Hoonicorn' has had its fair share of coverage over the last few years. In fact, it was even there on an old episode of Top Gear when Matt LeBlanc was a presenter on the show.

      But what would happen if it went up against a McLaren Senna in a drag race? Becasue as we know, the Senna is an absolute unit but the Hoonicorn is like the son of Hades.

      The stats show that the Hoonicorn should obviously win as it has almost double the horsepower, is lighter, and is driven by a maniac, but is this going to be the case?

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      Comments (11)

      • You instantly think: senna

        When you look at the stats: actually...

          17 days ago
      • senna: Let's try on the track.

          13 days ago
      • Hoonicorn is an unbelievable piece of engineering. It has too much grip, still can do drifting and donuts on demand. It is meant for sliding and doing donuts, but still beats an outright hypercar in a drag race. This is the prowess of Ken and his team at Hoonigan Racing.

          16 days ago
      • It’s blindingly obvious that the hoonicorn will be faster. It weighs less and has 1,400hp! The Senna is quick, but there’s no way they can compete

          16 days ago
      • It would be interesting to see the Hoonicorn go round the Eboladrome as a further comparison. Especially as I think the Senna is (or was) the quickest around it so far.

          14 days ago


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