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Ken Block’s Climbkhana Pikes Peak is 1400 horsepower of sideways insanity

1y ago


After the very brief teaser last week Climbkhana is finally here, and it’s a 9-minute odyssey of complete sideways insanity.

In this clip, Block tackles the 14,415ft Pikes Peak with his 1400-horsepower Hoonicorn Mustang while laying waste to every single one of the 156 corners throughout the 12.42-mile course. On the way to the summit, [Spolier Alert] the Hoonicorn encounters massive and deadly sheer drops along with a trio of snow machines that would tear the car apart upon impact.

Watch at the two-minute marker; Block comes within inches of leaving the road entirely as the Hoonicorn’s rear wheels come perilously close to terra firma. Yes, the film is obviously the product of several runs up the formidable Colorado Hillclimb, but this doesn’t really matter as Block doesn’t let up throughout the entire nine-minute clip of tyre-smoking sideways madness.

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  • one day we will have cameras in the engine and be able to see it work. I wonder if he noticed the power drop at altitude?

    1 year ago
  • I think it's fantastic! But it bugs me when people mention the tyre marks & say he needs several attempts to get it right. It's a film shoot, not a special stage. The extra takes are as likely to be the film crew wanting extra angles, footage, and the 'perfect shot'

    It's not like the same thing doesn't happen in tv shows or movies. That's how you make an impressive film, even if it is a short gymkhana one

    1 year ago


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