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Ken Block's Cossie celebrates big comeback after being burnt to ashes in accident

Ken Block shared a mysterious picture on his Facebook page. It shows the silhouette of a car that looks quite similar to the Ford Escort RS Cosworth he lost in a terrible accident earlier this year. He announced "The Cossie World Tour" starting in 2019. Seems like he and his rally car are finally reunited and ready for action.

Ken Block's COSSIE World Tour

Next year, Ken Block and his all-new and improved Cossie are going to do a world tour that will include stage rally racing, likely some Gymkhana demos and even more. Ken Block's adventures on tour will be documented by Hoonigan and broadcasted as a multi-episode series on their YouTube channel.

Back in July, Ken Block crashed the much loved Escort during the New England Forest Rally in Maine. He rolled the car several times and ended up in the ditch after hitting a rock while dashing through a left-hand corner. The rally car burst into flames immediately and both, Ken Block and his co-driver Alex Gelsomino only had seconds to escape the fire.

Watch the video of the accident Block shared after his sad loss.

Happy to see the Cossie being back!

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Comments (9)
  • That won’t be the same car, can’t see it.

    1 month ago
  • The music is hilarious but he had no clue how to drive that stage at all. The Maine rally course is not that hard at all! On top of that he freaks out and he can't even remove the steering wheel. Who gives him money to do this stuff? He's an amateur at best!

    1 month ago
    • Couldn't say truer. With 2 podiums in FIA WRX, a win in the only FIA ERX race he participated in, 6 wins in GRC and 16 wins in Rally America, his amateur skills are no match for...

      Read more
      1 month ago


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