Ken Block's Gymkhana 10 Is Coming, And It's Going To Be Epic

If it's number 10, it has to be the biggest and best. Right?

3y ago

We're all familiar with Gymkhana. Find a port, city, or park, and set up a bunch of cones for Ken Block to slide a car around. Maybe throw in a Travis Pastrana cameo or two.

Well, the tenth installment of the series is coming up, and Hoonigan is taking its sweet time in making it. Spanning five locations with five different vehicles and an all-new build, Gymkhana 10 will drop in late 2018. What could possibly replace the 1400-hp Mustang Hoonicorn?

Also worth keeping an eye out for is the upcoming Amazon Original Unscripted Series detailing the production of Gymkhana 10. If the trailer gives us any indication of what the feature will be like, we're excited.

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