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Welcome to the tribe

"You have a car? In Brooklyn? Why?" "Where do you park?" "Do you even use it?"

If this sounds at all familiar then you're in the right place. As a long-time car enthusiast in a very car-unfriendly city, i want this tribe to be a gathering of local gearheads to meet and share stories, photos, and maybe the occasional socket wrench. I'm interested in bringing together all my fellow Brooklyn auto nuts, those who bravely proclaimed "To hell with common sense concerns like bumper-to-bumper traffic, moon crater potholes, insurance premiums or finding parking. I'm getting that car."

A bit about me:

My love affair with cars started early. My first memory is standing at the wheel of my dad's Triumph Spitfire. At 3 years old i could tell a 924 from a 944. I only played with Hot Wheels and Micromachines, except when i played with LEGOs—and made LEGO cars. I learned to drive in a Camry, then i really learned to drive in a stick shift Beetle. I've rowed my own gears ever since. I've owned a '68 Pontiac GTO, a Scion tc, a B7 Audi RS4. Now i'm the proud owner of my dream car, a '67 Mustang fastback.

Welcome to the tribe!

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