KIDS BEHAVING RADLY. Clockwork’s Genre-Defying BMW R100 Enduro Brat

Is a Boxer engine the engineering equivalent of a bass guitar? Clockwork's Samuel Guertin sure seems to thinks so...

3y ago

Just who this international renowned musician is we're not quite sure, but Clockwork's head builder Samuel Guertin gives us a few clues, “ He has multiple bikes, some of them are in Montreal and some others are in California. Oh, and he plays bass in a world known rock band I won't mention, because he's not the kind of guy to brag about the nice things he has.

”Only a bass player would be so humble! But this story starts first with a crash when our mysterious musician was riding the R100 down a country road, only to have a Coyote run out and make full contact. Man, animal and machine were all left strewn across the ground and the banged up BMW would spend some time gathering dust.


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