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Kimi Raikkonen says Ferrari 'had all the tools' to win both titles in 2017

The Italian manufacturer's promising run turned to a different direct in the second half of the season.

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It was a back and forth fight at the start of the 2017 Formula 1 season between Ferrari and Mercedes, with majority of the wins and podiums being shared between the two.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel came out as the clear contenders , while the German outfit's new recruit Valtteri Bottas had an outside chance.

In fact, Vettel went into the summer break with a good advantage over Hamilton, but the Britain put on a dominant show to not only get ahead, but claim the title with two races to spare.

An on-looker in the fight was Vettel's teammate Kimi Raikkonen, who once again is amid a mixed season, despite showing better pace all-through the year.

Ever since the 2014 regulations has come into effect, this season was the first time that Ferrari were able to challenge Mercedes upfront and deliver on Sunday's.

However, reliability hurt the Italian manufacturer with four retirements and one DNS against the sole retirement for Mercedes, sealed both the titles in favour of the German squad.

"I think we had all the tools this year, we just need to tidy up things and not make mistakes nor have issues on any side, not from our side as drivers or from the team side," he said in Brazil.

"These are just small things which in the end played a big part this year, who won the championship and which way it went but I think we have all the people, we have the tools and we have a great car.

"There are still two races to go and even though the championships are done we try to do the same work we always do and try to win races and then, obviously, we start from zero next year so hopefully we will be up there."

While Vettel racked up a lot of points for the constructors' fight, Raikkonen did as much, but his two DNF's and one DNS to go with a 14th position finish in Baku, meant Ferrari were behind in the teams' fight as well.

"I think we started pretty badly – we were not really where we should have been – a personal feeling on my side – we’re not really happy where the setup was," he said.

"It took quite a long time to figure it out and then since then it’s been better but then we had too many DNFs for many different reasons.

"But I think, as a team, we’ve come a long way from year to year and also from last year, made a good step, obviously not enough for what we want but as Ferrari we want to win both championships."

With two races to go, Mercedes heads the constructors' table with 595 points, while Ferrari is second on 455. On the drivers' side, Hamilton has 333 points to Vettel's 277 as he fends off Bottas, who has 262 points - Raikkonen is fifth with 178 to his name.

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  • As a Kimi fan, I think this season was a disgrace, considering the talent and "weight" Kimi has. He's fighting with the balance from the day he returned to Ferrari. Yeah, he should have won at least two races, but you make your own fortune, right? You simply cannot finish fifth in WC in a car that good. Sorry Kimster, but "McLaren Kimi" was a Force to be reckoned with, looking fast even when he was sitting still. Nowdays? BWOAH, "it is like it is"...etc . Wake up Iceman, the icing on Lewis WC celebration cake is already melting!

      3 years ago