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K​imi throws shade at Lewis?

I​n a typically bizarre Instagram post, 'The Iceman' appears to take aim at the 6 time World Champion...

33w ago

K​imi's instagram has often been a source of entertainment for us F1 fans; from shots of the Flying Finn wearing bear onesies, to videos of him Hovercraft racing and everything in between- always coupled with his wonderfully curt descriptions, like 'We raced again', or, as he wrote so eloquently after the last race at Mugello, 'Got points.'

And tonight on his Instagram story, Kimi shared this picture:

V​ery different times indeed...

V​ery different times indeed...

So, K​imi went there. Comparing James Hunt with Lewis Hamilton, it's obvious what point he's trying to make. Hunt, famously one of Kimi's idols (he's even been known to enter powerboat races - dressed as a Gorilla - under the Brit's name) is almost universally seen as being timelessly cool; more rockstar than elite sportsman- a hard-drinking, chain-smoking cavalier of a driver, forever with a new supermodel on his arm.

Unquestionably a maverick, Hunt was a product of his time. Yet Lewis is a product of his time too, and neither have played by the rules of what a conventional race-driver should be: Hunt had his excesses, his bawdy ripostes and a devil-may-care attitude. But Lewis has his fashion lines and music, plus, more recently, his activism on environmental and race issues. Whether or not you think Lewis is cool (or whether that's even important), you can't deny that winning 6 world titles is, well...pretty cool. And let's be honest, we'd all sell a kidney and whatever other organs you can feasibly survive without to do what he does for a living. Who knows, in 30 years time, we might look back at Hamilton's rhubarb and custard-coloured tartan outfit (with matching bucket hat, naturally) and think that the drivers of 2050 are just 'a bunch of squares, man'. 'Today ridicule, tomorrow really cool...' I forget who said that, but it's mostly true. Although something tells me that Hamilton probably won't find Kimi's instagram dig particularly funny. But, whatever. He'll just get his revenge by winning that 7th World Title...

I​'ll have whatever Kimi's having...

I​'ll have whatever Kimi's having...

A​nyway, the crux of Kimi's post was to suggest that the Alfa-Romeo driver is still flying the flag for the hard-living F1 'Gladiator'. The picture above tells us that 'not all hope is lost yet' - and as long as Kimi's on the grid, you'd have to agree. Pictured clearly three sheets to the wind, with a lit cigarette in hand, you've got to admire the 41 year-old for giving such an incredibly small amount of sh*ts, and yet still somehow managing to be the most experienced and one of the fastest drivers on the grid today, exactly 20 years on from his debut. Never change Kimi, never change.

And you neither, Lewis...

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Comments (9)

  • Absolute legend, Kimi 😂

      7 months ago
  • 1) Hamilton would be blasted for doing anything like James Hunt

    2) James Hunt died at 45 because of that lifestyle

    3) Hamilton is also ripped 😉

    But still it made me laugh 😂

      7 months ago
  • Used to have a lot of respect for Hamilton but no more, is he going to take to the knee for the rest of his life

      7 months ago
    • Totally agree, can’t stand the twat now,hope he retires sooner than later

      No one actually gives a shit about his personal opinions

        7 months ago
  • Just shut yer cake hole Lewis and drive the car 🖕🖕🖕

      7 months ago
  • Too funny.

    I remember hunt at the Long Beach gp. Giving scooter rides ( the gas powered type) to pretty girls up and down pit row, beer in hand.

      7 months ago