King Of The Junkyard Round 1, Part 1!

This is round of of the king of the junkyard. A car with the most votes will move on.

3w ago


I have a little secret, I'm not just doing the king of the junkyard, I'm doing the most underrated car at the junkyard. the losers will begin the underrated car on round 2, the car with the less votes will move on. The less love, more underrated the car is.

Battle: 1!

Battle: 2!

Battle: 3!

Battle: 4!

Battle: 5!

Battle: 6!

Battle: 7!

Battle: 8!

Battle: 9!

Battle: 10!

Battle: 11!

Battle: 12!

Battle: 13!

Battle: 14!

Battle: 15!

Battle: 16

Battle: 17!

Battle: 18!

Battle: 19!

Battle 20!

Battle: 21!

Battle: 22

Battle: 23!

Battle: 24!

Battle: 25!

Battle: 26!

Battle: 27!

My last post from this challenge was way to long and I apologize if the old one would of wasted your time, I'll be doing parts so It wouldn't take forever and it'll be easier.

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  • Wow your lucky you have access to such cool cars like that!

      26 days ago