Kiwi Car Fanatic Turns Dream Cars into Dream Works of Art

Anton Phillipson loves cars. He is also a natural when it comes to drawing them.

1y ago

For Anton Phillipson, cars are more than a hobby. Like many petrol heads in New Zealand, if you spend enough time among them, they border on becoming an obsession. Anton, 19, is also dead handy with a pencil and paper, and for the last few years, has combined both his passion for all things automotive, and his skills as an artist, to create some of the most picturesque petrol head pieces of art available today.

By day, Anton, is a parts advisor at Christchurch’s Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Volvo and Audi dealership, Archibald’s Garage, but his skills as an automotive artist have resulted a flurry of orders from dealerships and car owners wanting artwork of their pride and joy.

“I have always loved doodling and sketching from a young age, and today I love being able to be around cars I love and sketch them,” says Anton. This led him to create Anton Phillipson Car Drawings, a side business which involves him meeting the car’s owner, shooting the car, and from there, using the photo as a guide to sketch, not tracing, the car in question into the finish product. “I find it easier to sketch when it is from my own photos. Sometimes an owner will send me a photo to work from, or I may have to source an image from overseas, but I find it works best for me when I use my own photos as a guide,” says Anton.

Word got around quickly of Anton’s abilities, and this has resulted in Anton drawing and sketching some very desirable Canterbury based machines. “The scene in Canterbury for car fans is huge. There are so many people down here with some very rare machines and they are happy to show them off to everyone, so I have been very fortunate to meet owners of some incredible cars or the businesses’ that specialize in them,” says Anton.

Whether it’s a Ferrari F40, an Audi R8 LMS racer, or a gorgeous Mercedes 250 SE, Anton has, drawn it. However, some have been more challenging than others. “The Mercedes 250 SE was the most challenging car I have sketched yet. Because it is a classic car with lots of chrome and a detailed wire mesh grill, I took a lot of time and patience to bring it together,” says Anton.

However, don’t think Anton only does fast and collectible cars, if it has wheels, he will be happy to draw it. “I don’t turn anyone down, whether it is a tractor or Mack truck, if it means something to someone and they want a memento of it on their wall, then I am happy to do it for them,” he says.

To request a drawing from Anton or to inquire about pricing, visit or follow him on Instagram:


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