KK Scale gives you the E38 model you need in you BMW collection

It may be easier to get than OttOmobile's model, but is it better?

5w ago


There's no denying that the original OttOmobile release of the E38 750i is the best 7 series model out there. The ride height is low, the paint is gloss black, and it wear M-parallel shoes. The problem with this model, as with most old OttO releases, they cost an arm and a leg if you find one for sale, and that's a big IF. Car Lover Diecast tried to recreate the magic with a commissioned run of white 750i's, but that one had black lower body cladding and just didn't look appealing enough for me to add it.

KK Scale came to my rescue with their 740i sealed diecast release early this year. It's black, as it should be, rocks a set of BMW bottle cap wheels, and looks the business. It wasn't the perfect E38 model, in my eyes, as it was the pre-facelifted model before BMW perfected their flagship sedan's design. It's also the "lowly" V8 car instead of the silky smooth V12, but that point is moot since both the OttOmobile and KK Scale lack opening hoods. I dislike the execution of the headlamp lens as well, which are boring looking silver paint squares without dimension.

It's a beautiful model nonetheless, and I racked up 170 likes on my personal Instagram, which was a new record for me. Unfortunately for this little 7, OttOmobile announced that they were releasing a gorgeous Estoril Blue Alpina B12 E38 model due out in October. I pre-ordered two of them without hesitation, and listed this KK Scale model on eBay to be sent out to pasture.

Should I have kept the KK Scale? Or was pre-ordering the OttO the right move?

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Comments (8)

  • Wonderful photos. I’m still saving for a KK 288 GTO.

      1 month ago
    • I was so close to pulling the trigger on ones of these. They're a great price for the quality!

        1 month ago
    • The only reason I backed off and ended up getting a Welly Continental instead is because I didn’t know if resin was what I wanted, as my collection was smaller back then and didn’t want to get a model I didn’t end up liking because of its...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • The best lookin 7-series BMW has ever made. Looks classy in black or silver

      1 month ago
  • Thats such a nice BMW, I want to shrink myself a drive it around

      1 month ago
  • Where do you buy these

      1 month ago


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