- I had to go back a few steps to take this picture because the car is so long it wouldn't fit

Klassen made the S-Class longer and bullet-proof

10w ago


I'm a huge huge huge huge huge fan of the S-Class because I think it is such a majestic car and consequentially, I'm always interested in finding new alternatives and takes on this car.

This one is made by Klassen, a German tuning company, and it's based on the Maybach S650.

This version is longer (360 mm) than the "standard" Maybach S650 but there are other, even longer versions available, like the +1050 (=1 metre) version which would effectively turn it into a stretch limo.

It is available with several levels of bulletproof protection up to what is known in the industry as "B7" level, capable of stopping rounds up to 14.55 mm, basically everything this side of a tank.

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Inside you will find classic Maybach interior with many comfort features including an iMac-Multimedia-Center with PC/WLAN/CD/DVD, Bang & Olufsen Soundsystem and, that's the kicker, the inevitable hidden stash where you can store your champagne of choice.

Price? I'll be honest, I didn't find the courage to ask.

Just kidding. I asked but they wouldn't tell me, but their vehicles can easily exceed a million dollars, depending on levels of personalization and bulletproof protection.