Klaus Ludwig and his Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evo 2

A short review of the 1992 DTM champion car from Solido.

1y ago

Classic DTM hearkens memories of hard fought door to door battles of high strung spec racing. The 1992 season was especially memorable. With a field flooded by Mercedes W201's and BMW E30's and a strong returning Audi contingent hot off the heels of their 1990 and 1991 championship victories, it made for some seriously epic racing. If you want a little more in depth read up I'm going to refer you to the excellent article written by our own Nick Muller found here.

This is one of Solido's many new 1:18 DTM offerings to fill the void of the discontinued Autoart models. Along with the Mercedes is also BMW E30 M3's as well. Rumor is they will be releasing Michael Schumacher's car early next year to pair with this release, yes he had a short stint in DTM.

To make things clear up front this is an entry level model, compare this to the Autoart variation and you will be quite disappointed, but then again this is reflected in the price point at well under $100. The only opening features are the doors which reveal a decently detailed racing interior. The exterior is accurate and well detailed but decal application is juvenile, you have to be careful handling the car especially where decals meet gaps as adhesion is weak. The rear bumper could fit better where it lines up to the rear quarter panels and the shape of the rear wheel arch is a bit off in my opinion. The underbody has a painted exhaust molded into the underbody. Rear wheels are on a straight axle with no suspenion, front wheels are steerable but again no suspension. I'm disappointed they put street tires on this model as well, probably a carry over from the street model to save cost. Overall it looks the part and fills a want I've had for this particular liveried Mercedes for quite some time. If Solido sticks to this price point I may just start collecting these as I did the Porsche 917s from Eagles Race as they are about the same quality and display well.

Bonus image, got a bunch of themed socks for Christmas, it's basically the new dad gift to replace ties.

Bonus image, got a bunch of themed socks for Christmas, it's basically the new dad gift to replace ties.

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Comments (2)

  • Very nice looking model! I love the DTM cars from that era. Whenever I think about that time the images that come to mind are those cars with two wheels in the air, bumping over the apex curbing.

    There's also a 1/64 version of this car coming soon from Inno64, which I'm particularly looking forward to, not having much space for 1/18's :-)

      1 year ago
  • Great car and the diecast is also very nice! Solido nailed it with this one!!! And the price is unbeatable. I am becoming more and more a fan of the Solido-models.

      1 year ago