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KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) first appeared on our screens in 1982 alongside David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. The fictional computer was fitted inside a black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am T-top, was voiced by actor William Daniels, who asked that he not be credited for his work.

In the original series of Knight Rider, KITT was conceived and designed by the late Wilton Knight, an eccentric billionaire and founder of Knight Industries and the Foundation for Law and Government.

KITT (as a processor) was first installed in a mainframe computer used by the United States government, however, Wilton saw better use for "him" in the Foundation's crime-fighting unit and so the system was installed in a vehicle.

The vehicle of choice was a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am which featured a number of special features including a Turbo Boost, the ability to drive 'himself', a front mounted scanner bar that, among other things, allowed KITT to 'see', and 'molecular bonded shell' body armour.

The car used as KITT in the series was a customized 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am sports model, that cost $100,000 to build (equivalent to about $245,000 in 2014).

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