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Know Your Cars! Antique(Stock)

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Not your Old Mans Antique Club Anymore!

The Antique(Stock) Scene is no longer dominated by Model T and A Fords. You will still find a few of those cars at larger Antique specialty shows, but for the most part the everyday scene has expanded just like other scenes.

Coker Tire Motorcycle Museum, Chattanooga, TN.

If it has pistons it's cool!

Motorcycles, vintage mini-bikes, vintage go-karts, even vintage boat motors have all found love with the Antiquers! I dig it and say more power to them. (That's not a dig at the usually low horsepower numbers)

1928 Whippet Coupe.

I'm going to be up front with what bothers me about this scene!

The most disturbing aspect of the Antique(Stock) scene is the increasingly noticeable absence of pre WW2 autos at small events. As I talked about in a Local Scene Post a few weeks ago (The Local Scene 2) with the owners of those year cars & trucks getting older themselves both are becoming a rare sight!

4 Antique(Stock) cars in a line.

The Custom & Hot Rod Life #1 Sin:

The absence of those auto's is a disturbing thought! Most of you know that I feel like the worst thing you can do to any auto is let it set around. Cars are meant to be driven. Not doing that is worse than driving one too much!

1935 Ford Truck... or Ute, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Watch Out For Old Cars!

I have seen that Antique(Stock) enthusiasts generally believe in driving their cars as much as anyone else. I think it's a strong part of owning a Antique(Stock) car. These people have my respect for it! I can't imagine what it's like to drive a under powered, under braked, non-synchronized transmission car or truck around on a road in 2018. That has to be a wild ride!

1930's Plymouth Coupe

Preserving the Past, for the Future:

The preservation of mass produced automobiles may seem a little odd, but it makes as much sense as the preservation of anything else. If we are going to keep examples in the world then we must safeguard what is still around. I think that's pretty noble.

1946 Chevrolet truck... Since this looks nothing like a '46 Chevy car, I'm sticking with truck.

Organizational Help:

Groups like the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) and the HVA (Historic Vehicle Association) are doing their best to make sure these automobiles stay intact for future generations. The Historic Vehicle Registry and the AACA museum in Hershey, PA are some of the ways these two organizations are trying to help. If you are at all interested in this, then I suggest you get in contact with one or both of those organizations!

1949 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan

Market Ups & Downs:

The new found love of old auto's and anything vintage (check out those signs) means that prices are going up on most of these automobiles. The only segment that seems to be lagging are cars made in the teens and twenties.

1957 Ford Victoria hardtop Convertible

Bring back the Oldies!

I believe that the lower interest in those older cars has to do with their scarseity at local events. After all, if people do not see them, then how can they expect to understand and appreciate them? That's a real shame, because if you've never heard a perfectly tuned Model A Ford 4 cylinder engine then you are really missing out on something special.

Porsche 944

Bring on the Newies!

Newer cars, from the '80's & '90's seem to have the most excitement right now. That's understandable, they are new to the scene and they are still relatively cheap and easy to find. Plus, they are beautiful cars in their own right. So bring on the Antiquers, just don't tailgate them O.K.?

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Here's a Antique(Stock) Oldsmobile Cutlass at the GoodGuys Nashville Nationals.

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