- A low down dirty rat! Hero image taken at the Redneck Rumble Fall 2015 by: Chris Breeden. All other videos, pictures, words and errors by: Chris Breeden

Know Your Cars! Rat Rods

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Let me give you a visual representation of the Rat Rod world:

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A Supercharged Big Block Chevy engine in a Model A Ford 2 door sedan. From the Redneck Rumble Fall 2016.

Rat Rods are very difficult to explain because they come in so many different kinds. I've found it helpful to think of them like this:

A wild race car! From the Redneck Rumble 2015 Fall.

If you were to take all of the parts you could lay your hands on and put them all together, while only buying new the things you absolutely had to have, you'd end up with a pretty good Rat Rod.

Above: (left) a Model A Ford Crown Victoria 2-door Sedan. (middle) close up of the Vicky's dash, from a '59 Chevy. (right) close up of the rear of the car. Taken at the Redneck Rumble 2015 Spring.

Built to suit their owners tastes, Rat Rods are the ultimate dig to regular pampered and pristine cars.

An International truck. Photo from: The Redneck Rumble 2015 Fall

Rat Rods are not limited to '30s coupes and roadsters. Above you see two examples of trucks that are far too gone to ever make a restoration a good idea. Who would spend $20,000 on body work alone, when a perfect original example would only be worth $25,000?

Above: (left) a 3/4 ton panel truck rat rod. From the Redneck Rumble 2014 (right) a artistic fender crack repair. From the Redneck Rumble 2008.

Rat Rods are really becoming more like rolling, rusty art.

Above: (left & right) a crazy rat rod T-bucket. From the Redneck Rumble 2015 Fall.

They are increasingly becoming a way for Artists/Builders to show off their own work.

One wild motorcycle. Photo from: The Redneck Rumble Fall 2016.

Motorcycles are getting the touch.

Above: (left) a rocket ride turned motorcycle. (right) a Hillbilly teardrop camper. From the Redneck Rumble Fall 2016.

Old carnival rides and campers are falling under the hands of Rat Rodders.

Even the old Velvet Jesus paintings are coming under the brushes of the Rat Rod Culture! From a swap meet vendors both at the Redneck Rumble Fall 2015.

Rat Rods are truly wild creations and can force you to rethink your notions of what cars are or should be. They can be challenging to understand, even for the most opened minded of car enthusiasts!

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The Monster Caddy! Video from: The Redneck Rumble Fall 2016.

Rat Rods are definitely different. They are crazy to see and even crazier to try and figure out what you are looking at sometimes!

All pictures above are from different years of the Redneck Rumble.

Love them or hate them they are a force to be reckoned with! I will give Rat Rodders props for one thing. They definitely know how to Keep on Cruisin'!


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Art by: Chris Breeden

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  • You know I disapprove of this kind of thing immensely.

    2 months ago
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    • I know John, but if it helps please remember that most (over 90%) of these cars and trucks were way too rusted out and incomplete to justify an original restoration. In the past,...

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      2 months ago
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    • Example: This is my car on the day I bought it and brought it home in 2008. I got it at a scrap iron place... Literally from out of the crusher, 30 seconds before it was about to be crushed...

      Read more
      2 months ago
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