- Will Koenigsegg set a new record for the fastest production car?

Koenigsegg Are Attempting A Speed Record For Production Cars

1y ago


Swedish manufacturer, Koenigsegg are attempting a speed record for production cars in Nevada this weekend. The record, currently held by Bugatti with the Veyron SuperSport, was last set in 2010, reaching a speed of 268MPH.

The Agera RS recently set a record for driving from 0-400KPH-0 again

Koenigsegg will be using an Agera RS, packed with 1,360BHP to try and beat this record and have special permission from the Nevada Department of Transportation to do so. They have closed off a stretch of road between Las Vegas and Pahrump to try and attempt the record.

If the team at Koenigsegg smash the record, they will also set the record for the highest speed reached on an open highway!

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