Koenigsegg has smashed the Bugatti Chiron's 0-400kph-0 record

1y ago


After an enticing tweet from Koenigsegg showed that an Agera RS was completing 400kph tests a couple of days ago, it was obvious that the Swedish hypercar company had done something pretty special. And now that a video has been released, it's safe to say the Bugatti Chiron has had its bubble emphatically burst.

Deciding to tackle the Chiron's 42-second 0-400kph-0 record, Koenigsegg took to an airstrip in Vandel, Denmark to stretch its 1156bhp Agera RS hypercar's legs. And despite Bugatti's reputation for road car speed records, the Swedes have smashed the Chiron's record by quite a margin.

Here are the stats:

0-400kph in 26.88 seconds (Chiron was 32.6 seconds)

400kph-0 in 9.56 seconds

0-400kph-0 in 36.44 seconds (Chiron was 42 seconds)

It's safe to say then that the lighter, less powerful Agera RS is the new acceleration and deceleration king, considering it has spanked the Bugatti by nearly six seconds over the run. And that was on a supposedly slippery, bumpy WW2 runway!

So I suppose the question is, does the Chiron have more in its locker? Or will it have to soldier on to a top speed of 290mph+ and let Koenigsegg have its day in terms of acceleration?

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