Koenigsegg is about to take on the Bugatti Chiron's recent 400kph record

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Just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti revealed some titanic performance benchmarks that showed just how much talent its Chiron hypercar possesses. Two main headlines came from the performance testing undertaken with Juan Pablo Montoya at the wheel - 0-400kph in 32.6 seconds and 0-400kph-0 in 42 seconds. And it's safe to say that Christian Von Koenigsegg isn't best pleased.

With Koenigsegg's hybridised hypercar waiting in the wings (the Regera), it seems that the company is looking to the twin turbocharged Agera RS to take the fight to the Bugatti. Through a fairly blatant tweet aimed at the French firm, Koenigsegg has obviously been performing 0-400kph-0 runs and - considering it is confident enough to tweet this picture - we can be sure that the Agera RS has produced something a little special.

The Agera RS has a 1156bhp twin turbocharged V8 to propel just 1395kg down the road, a significant advantage over the relatively hefty Chiron. Also using plenty of the tech taken from the iconic ONE:1 hypercar, it seems that the RS has all the credentials needed to take the fight to the French.

Do you think the Koenigsegg will be able to topple the Chiron from its now famous throne? Or is the Bugatti simply too much for the Swedish firm to handle? Tell us what you think in the live chat below:

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  • Stupid fads! What ever happened to top speed!This company earned a black mark for itself. Henersy Venom don't let me down.

    1 year ago
  • At least we got a decent and fairplay contest here :)

    1 year ago


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