Koenigsegg Regera. to reign

I'm very good at useless stuff. Which is why I know that "Regera" means -to Reign-

4y ago

In the words of the greatest best-selling author of modern times, Lee Child, "waiting is a skill. just like everything else." And I agree. Waiting is a skill. And so is listening and remembering and thinking and knowing useless stuff.

The speedo says 420 kph. AH.

The speedo says 420 kph. AH.

Regera is Swedish for "to Reign". And "DREGLA", might I add, means "drool". Which is what happens when you see this car.


I'm absolutely useless at everything. I pride myself on that. I've tried all instruments and I'm terrible at each one of them, except drums. I'd say as a drum player I'm not terrible. Just very bad. That's an improvement. I'm a terrible singer, an average football/soccer player and a mediocre volleyball player. Other things I can't do? I can't cook, can't make cocktails. The list is a saga and it includes choosing red wine. I know I'm Italian and so I should be good at that, but no. Not a chance.

Mind you, there are at least two things I'm very good at. One is remembering stuff, the other is knowing stuff. Especially common knowledge and specific knowledge about facts and trivia that I can't really use anyway. I know the capital city of almost every single country in the world. I can speak 3 languages, wrestle with the menu in 5 more and I know some random words here and there. "Hvala", that's Croatian/Serbian for "Thank You". "Vištiena", that's Lithuanian for "Chicken". And REGERA, which as you all know is Swedish for TO REIGN. And there's something else as well. DREGLA. Swedish for Drool, which is what happens when you see this car. It's just gorgeous. And I know you were probably expecting me to list the features and figures about this car but, as you can imagine, I'm not very good at that either.

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