Koenisegg have officially gone mad

14w ago


Just me or do the headlights look like corvette headlights?????

So it's fast then?

Ludicrously so; The boss christian says that the Jesko is capable of doing 300MPH in simulators, they just need to find a tire manufacturer and a place long enough. The engine is a 1,578bhp twin-turbo (5KG lighter than the agera RS) It also has a max RPM of 8,500BHP. The new set up has the rubber mounts from the regera, and strangely a lower downforce set up than the Agera RS. An interesting fact is that if you were to run your Jesko on bog standard 95 Octane then you only get 1,262bhp. However if you were to switch to E85 biofuel then you would get ,578bhp and 1106lb ft of torque.

Why Jesko?

Jesko von koenigsegg is christian von koenigsegg's father. When christian was 22 and with wild dreams but no way to actually fund those dreams. His father stepped in and supported him. Now Jesko is 88 this is christian's way of thanking him for getting him of the ground. Just days before the release Jesko was desperate to know the details of the new hypercar so christian being the loving son he is, got his PR team to draft up a fake press release for him. Now that's way better than a cheap card and chocolates.

So, what about that gearbox?

And the rear lights look a tad like the ones on a 718 carrera no?

If the jesko can go 300MPH then it'll probably need a fairly large gearbox and sophisticated dampening systems. Bugatti probably won't be selling the Chiron's damping systems to upstarts like koenigsegg, So koenigsegg have used their tried and tested method of developing highly effective solutions in house. Koenigseggs own dampener is 90KG so significantly lighter than Chirons. Named the LSG (Light Speed Gearbox, still not our favorite acronym though. Compared to the hilarity of the Big Ass Supercharger in the Dodge demon) The LSG is a 9-speed Multi clutch gearbox. This set up is quite similar to a bike with big cogs at the front and back. So there is two sets of three clutches all ready to be deployed without going through the other ratio's. Pull the paddle and then the driver will swap down a gear (in 20/30 milliseconds) Pull it away and it will automatically shift to the gear best suited for ludicrous acceleration (or possibly underpant damage at the same time) Koenigsegg calls this system: UPOD – Ultimate Power on Demand.

But what about the dampeners??

Aww the G force meter is in a lovely vomit shade of green!

The Jesko gets a triplex dampener in the front and back (unlike the Agera RS which only had one at the back) This makes the car stable under extreme downforce so it won't flip. On the subject of downforce the Jesko has 1,000kg at 171mph and 1,400kg at its undisclosed top speed (cough, cough ,300MPH, cough, cough) and before the bullsh*t claim that it could drive on the ceiling; It can't. Oh and the tires are michelin cup 5s wrapped in the wheels from the agera RS.