Konnichiwa From Tokyo

2y ago


Hello people of DriveTribe (DriveTribers, DriveTribists?). Welcome to my tribe Kenmsaito. The name comes from me, that's my name. I'm a motoring journalist based in Tokyo and I'm here to show you some of the more exotic cars from Japan's car culture. By exotic I mean mostly supercars, though there'll be some local JDM stuff too of course.

I'll be showcasing things from events, meets, and just day-to-day car spotting here in Japan. Most of the things will be from Tokyo, though I'll try to go out of this crazy city to cover some of the other bigger and crazier events that go on in Japan.

Just some of the cars from the first Ferrari Cavalcade in Asia

My first few posts will be stuff from the last couple of weeks as it's been a very busy month here in Japan with events such as the McLaren Track Day at Fuji Speedway, the Pagani Raduno in Japan, the Ferrari Cavalcade in Kyoto, and the epic Sound of Engine event at Suzuka Circuit. I'll be posting things from these events over the next few days so bear with as I try to get through all the content.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing the content on this tribe from Japan, hopefully it'll show more of the stuff you wouldn't normally see or expect. Or maybe it will. Anyway, you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Just search @kenmsaito.

A Porsche 962 at the Suzuka Sound of Engine 2016

Thanks for joining and stay tuned for me in the future!