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Krispy's H2Oi 2020 After Movie

The annual short film might be Krispy's last at the beach town.

2d ago

There is a lot of details and drama to describe to you what H2Oi is if you do not know, but here is the short version. Once upon a time, there was a car show for Volkswagen/Audi vehicles called H2O International (or H2Oi for short). The event was held about 14 miles inland from the beach town of Ocean City, Maryland at Fort Whaley Campground.

Being so close, all the cars at the event would flock to the beach town and even stay in its limits. Year after year the event would draw more and more cars to the beach town and less to the actual event until it grew to the out of control situation the town has to deal with right now.

As documented by Krispy (aka Chris Petruccio) in the video above, you can see the blame can be spread around from the car enthusiasts flocking to the town to the way too strict enforcing law enforcement.

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