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Kristoffersson wins Mettet RX in a great final

1y ago


Now we can say it's pretty usual that both PSRX VWs get in the final (Solberg-1st, Kristofferson-3rd) , but this time there was only one EKS car on the grid with Ekström (5th) as he faced many troubles during Q1-Q4 and in the semis. Timmy Hansen was once again in the final (2nd), and also Bakkerud (4th) after a promising performance from the Hoonigan Ford Focus RS RXs. On 6th place Kevin "Goes around the outside" Eriksson lined up.

After the start Bakkerud won the Mosnter Energy Supercharge award for the fastest reaction time off the line, but there were no big position changes in the first lap. In Lap 2 Kristoffersson took his Joker lap first, meanwhile a big battle took place in the lead. Timmy Hansen overtook Petter Solberg with an outstandig move, however as Solberg got passed by, he came sideways a bit, and when he was back in line again, took out Bakkerud who as a result crashed into the barriers. It was a typical racing accident and of course there was no one to blame.

Credits: FIAWorldRallycross.com

Then Solberg jokered, but Kristoffersson overtook him, and because of his great timing for the joker lap, Hansen -who did his joker in the last lap- just could come back a second behind the #3 VW. After Hansen got out from the joker area, there was a big race to the finish line with Solberg, but in the end he took the 2nd place just by 0.011 s ahead of the Norwegian! Behind the Kristoffersson-led trio Ekström came 4th, and Eriksson 5th. Unfortunately Bakkerud had to retire the car.

Credit: FIAWorldRallycross.com

You can re-watch this exciting final on the FIA World Rallycross Championship's official YouTube channel