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KTM now officially the largest manufacturer outside Asia

5w ago


Leaving the KTM news to one side for a moment, I recently spoke to a PR guy at Honda Motorcycles UK who put Asian motorcycle sales in perspective. He said Honda sells more small bikes (scooters and mopeds) in Asia alone, that the rest of all of their bikes worldwide. It explains why they aren't too fussed on things like Fireblade sales, when what really matters to most of their customers is MPG and how many kids they can fit on the back. Honda global sales are FOUR TIMES their nearest competitor (Yamaha) But I digress.

Austrian makers KTM have come a long way from their days as a two-stroke motorcross manufacturer. Even though their fleet is missing a supersports machine (The RC8 was discontinued in 2012) their SuperDuke series more than makes up for a lack of a superbike.

The 1290 SuperDuke. Everyone should try one.

KTM has taken a leaf out of Honda's book, focusing on the emerging Indian market by teaming up with Bajaj to create the RC and Duke 125 and 390 machines, being built for the Asian market.

Their sales are also propped up by their always competitive motocross machines, as well as their adventure bikes, which are popular in Europe and the states.

If KTM keeps advancing their electric development, it could propel them to the top of the tree, especially in India where potential sales are huge for a country seeking to distance itself from the internal combustion engine.

Don't forget, it's the scooter and small capacity/electric machines that'll give KTM the budget to keep developing the crazy, fast supernakeds we've all come to love, and for that we're eternally grateful.